23 January 2008

Ron Paul is making steady progress

All the hard work and efforts made by Dr. Paul's many thousands of grassroots supporters is paying off with steady progress... Yet another 2nd place finish - this time in Louisiana!

From the USA Daily article:
"Paul has yet to win a primary but his second place finish in the Nevada Caucus followed by his second place in yesterday’s Louisiana Caucus has boosted his campaign. The idea of a possible brokered convention has many in the GOP taking a second look at Paul.

Paul was endorsed by Pro-Life activist ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe V. Wade, and was endorsed by former two term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson this week. Paul also has funds to compete on Super Tuesday. He raised another 1.85 million on Monday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday."

If we only had the time, we could help every truly patriotic American to eventually see the truth - that Ron Paul is the best candidate for president we've had in our lifetime. But even with the current "challenges" facing us, we may yet win the endgame by helping enough people learn the truth... Even if not enough to win the nomination outright in the primaries, then perhaps by the time of the Republican conventions Ron Paul will actually be able to win a brokered convention. That means you need to get involved and find a way to become a delegate in your state GOP.

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