25 January 2008

Ron Paul Continues to Gain Legitimacy

The general consensus in American politics has been that Ron Paul’s explanation of how he would fix the United States economy is not clear. Some argue that voters do not care because they simply do not understand how the economy works. The fact is that Ron Paul is simply diagnosing the problem with the economy; his cure would simply be to let the market’s built in immune system cure itself through his free market approach. Asking politicians to give solutions to the struggling economy is similar to asking the generals in the Pentagon the best way to fix the situation in Iraq, when most likely the situation would be solved most efficiently by the people who are suffering; the Iraqi people.

The same holds true for the US market. While other politicians, namely Clinton, Bush and Obama think they have the right potion to give the economy a “shot in the arm” to use Bush’s phrase, Ron Paul would simply allow the market to fix the market. He would do the same with Iraq by “giving the Iraqis their country back.” He argues that the constant tinkering done by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Government in attempts to manipulate the United States economy only protects the interests of the elite class in this country while the poor are simply given a few crumbs and brushed aside.

As this election year moves forward and candidates like Fred Thompson begin to cash their checks and go home because their message is a carbon copy of their opponents, the only difference being what they choose to highlight and emphasize, Ron Paul continues to gain legitimacy.

With this article appearing on nationalreview.com yesterday http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=Y2Q5MDM2NzZkNzU5ZDEwYTI3ODg5YjY2YWZlMjFkYTc=

the Republican establishment is finally starting to sit up and take notice and publicly coming to terms with the fact that Ron Paul is going to be around much longer than they had hoped. This is a significant change because as more and more of the respected members within the GOP give the OK to give Ron Paul a look and justify him as a legitimate option, the stigma will be lifted from his candidacy and then Ron Paul will find himself in a great position.

The only weapon that has had any success against Ron Paul is not letting his message be heard and when it begins to be heard, to drown it out with laughter, so as publications like the National Review begin to soberly analyze his views it is tough to see how there is any hope for the Romney’s of the world.

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