21 January 2008

Remind voters: An Election is NOT a "Horse Race"

I've been "Shocked" & "Awed" (but mostly just disgusted) at how the Big Elitist MainStream Media has gone to unprecedented lengths to manipulate this presidential primary election.

Of course, "media" manipulation of elections is nothing new. It has been around for practically as long as elections have existed, but it is the extent and form of the current manipulation that has both caught my attention and upset my stomach this past year.

In days gone past, a person could expect a newspaper with the name of, for instance: "The Arkansas Democrat" to sing the praises of their fav-rave (D) candidates, while pointing out the brothel-dwelling booze-swilling habits of all the opposing (R) candidates. That is what "partisan journalism" was all about back then, and most people understood this and kept it all in perspective.

These days, the hapless TV-addled masses have set aside all reason and discernment, and have somehow embraced the big media lie that "all MSM journalists are NON-biased, independent observers just reporting the facts for you to decide." It is enough to make you wonder how the masses can actually be so completely gullible? (Those same herds of sheep, who all believe - secretly or openly - that they actually are "politically savvy")

One important thing that has struck me recently is how the media is all about describing the current presidential election as a "Horse Race."

There are many reasons this is done, though none of them are good journalistic reasons. And, as is the norm when the MSM is involved, it is also deceitful and inaccurate.

A horse race is much different than an election.

In a horse race, the object (for the bettors) is to pick the winner before the race is over.

In an election, the object (for the voters) is to pick the right person for the job.

It is not the job of the voter to pick who is most likely to be the eventual "winner" for any particular elected position. It is the duty of the voter to place a vote for the person best suited for the position.

However, if you listen to the Big Elitist MainStream Media too much or too carelessly, you'd think that the opposite were true. With almost no exception whatsoever, the MSM goads, manipulates, and even coerces you vote for the "winner" as they see it, in their (lack of) infinite wisdom.

"After all," they say, "Americans love a winner. YOU don't want to waste your vote on a LOSER now, do you?"

The MSM, just like the burnt-out gamblers scrounging for loose change outside the stables whilst looking for their next sucker, will be HAPPY to give you the "inside poop" so you can pick the next Trifecta.

But that is not what good journalists should do, and that is not what a good election is about. The purpose of good journalism is to give the audience the best and most accurate information about all the candidates; either without blatant bias or (better yet) disclosing the sources' actual bias clearly beforehand. The purpose of the election is to cast your vote for the person that you believe (based on all the independent research you can manage) best represents the policies you believe in.

When you speak to everyone you know in these next few weeks before the primary election (and I hope you will), please remind them of their civic duty. Their duty to vote for the best person for the job, period. Not the one most likely to win according to the MSM "bookies," but simply the right man for the job.

This year, that man is absolutely and unquestionably Ron Paul.

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laustex said...

great article...
S. MO guy now in TX - Glad to see the Ozarks organizing for the good Doc...