15 December 2007

This weekend's BIG events

The excitement is really building... Can you feel it?

As I write this, we're just 24 hours away from the second great American uprising...

Ron Paul's
Tea Party '07


This Sunday, all day... Donate $100 (or more!) at the Ron Paul campaign website:


If you don't have Internet access, and can't get to the Internet at a friend's house or anywhere else, then you still have an option: Call the Toll-Free Ron Paul Campaign hotline and donate by phone... 1-877-RON- PAUL

Even if you don't have $100 to donate, please give whatever amount you can. Believe me, You want to be a part of this... From the looks of things, Ron Paul's "Tea Party 07" this Sunday may well be the biggest one-day fundraiser in HISTORY. (Blowing away all previous records, not just the online fundraising record that we set on November 5th.) This will be something to feel good about... It won't be because you donated some of your hard-earned cash - it will be because you helped participate in a modern-day revolution.

This is the boost that will put Ron Paul over the top for the earliest primaries, and announce to the world (and all the apathetic, otherwise non-voters) that Ron Paul is THE candidate for all patriotic Americans.

Ron Paul has raised a staggering ELEVEN and-a-half MILLION dollars
in just this past TWO and-a-half MONTHS!

That puts him well within very easy striking distance of his $12 Million goal for this quarter, which ends New Years Day. That same $12 Million goal raised some concern when the campaign announced it at the beginning of October... Many were worried that we set the bar beyond reach.

Now, there is no doubt whatsoever that we will BLOW AWAY that goal. I don't want to set your expectations too high, but there are some estimates that we might actually DOUBLE (yes DOUBLE) that goal, raising over $24 MILLION by year's end. No one, not Dr. Paul, not his staff, not even his most devoted supporters saw that coming!

As you can tell, I'm very excited! I can't hardly wait!

So on Saturday, use your anticipation and energy to spread the word...
Visit, call, or at least email everyone you know (not just known Ron Paul supporters) and let them know that some really big things are afoot. Encourage them to check the news on Sunday. The TV news is usually worthless, but even FoxNews won't be able to ignore this. Better yet, suggest that they get the news from the Internet.

For some online news sources, try:
USA Daily News
Google News

Ask them to search ("Google" or otherwise) RON PAUL TEA PARTY

And of course, we have our own websites:
Ozark Voters for Ron Paul blog

We can all watch the progress of the day's donations at:
Ron Paul Graphs
Daily Paul

The live donation tracking "Thermometer" will be going up through the roof! It's fun and exciting to watch it - you can also see the names and hometowns of the donors as they happen. (If you're quick, you can even catch your own name right after you donate!)

There are events going on all over the country to coincide with the "Tea Party" - from actual little "tea parties" among friends - to huge rallies with thousands of participants - including a special re-enactment of the original "Tea Party" in Boston with Ron Paul supporters.

And just this Friday, the independently-sponsored "Ron Paul Blimp" took the Ron Paul rEVOLution to the air! That's another great conversation starter for when you talk to your friends about Ron Paul this weekend, at home, at work, at play, and yes - even at church. (After all, Christians need to know that the REAL Christian conservative is Ron Paul, not some former Arkansas governor who talks like a televangelist yet practices politics like the tax & spend liberal Bill Clinton! ) (See TaxHikeMike.org)

Now is not the time to be shy about telling everyone you know that we finally have a presidential candidate that the Founding Fathers of this country would be proud of. A man with the proven credentials of Ron Paul comes along once in a lifetime, and he is so far above and beyond all the others that once you know the truth about them all, Ron Paul is the clear and obvious choice. None of the others even come close.

So again, tell your friends, family, and everyone else you know about Ron Paul and his "Tea Party" this Sunday. Encourage them to be a part of this history making (and probably record-breaking) event by donating. But most of all, we need them to be registered to vote in the upcoming Republican primary, if for no other reason than to just place their vote for Ron Paul.

After you get done talking to everyone you can reach about this... If you still have the time, you can help with the NYC Ron Paul 2008 Meetup group's Huge All-day Home-Based Phone Bank and Letter Writing Drive!

Yes my friends, this is a insurrection... An uprising of patriotic Americans, taking our country back from corrupt politicians and big-money elitists.

And this is just the beginning.

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