16 December 2007

The Uprising has started off with a BOOM!

The Ron Paul Tea Party is off to a great start!

As I write this, it is just past midnight Central Time, on December 16th. The "official" Tea Party started an hour ago, at midnight Eastern Time...

I'm so pleased to report that we've now officially exceeded the $12 Million dollar goal for Ron Paul's 4th Quarter fundraising! That is extraordinary... We're not just starting off with a "bang"...

We've started off with a BOOM!

And of course, this is just the very beginning. There are 23 more hours to go, and from the looks of things, we are on a pace to far exceed last month's record-breaking day. Remember, remember the 5th of November?

Please be a part of this amazing moment in history. Donate as much as you can possibly afford today!


Bruce Arnold said...

A quick update:

Just 2 hours into the Tea Party, and we've already raised MORE THAN ANY OTHER DAY! (Except, of course for Nov. 5th, but we'll break that record soon enough.)

Comparing the rate of donations to Nov. 5th, we're on a pace to more than double that day's amazing record.

Personally, I'll be happy if we can just break Hellary's (disputed) $6.2M 1-day record (gained mostly offline by pandering to her elitist buddies for $2,300 a pop).

... And it now seems entirely likely that we'll break that record! W00t!!!

Anonymous said...

2 million so far.

Bruce Arnold said...

We passed $3 Million just after 1 PM CT!

We will certainly break our previous Nov. 5th 1-day online record... And at this pace, we could even break what's-her-name's 6.2M 1-day offline (disputed) record!

But be forewarded, that won't be easy. Current projections for the day put us just at $6 Million (which is amazing); but won't it be great to blow away ALL the records?

So don't forget to call every potential Ron Paul supporter you know. Encourage them to donate if they haven't already.

And if they have donated, ask them to keep an eye on the counter around 10 PM CT (11 PM ET)... If we are just a little shy of $6.2 Million for the day (that's $17.8 Million TOTAL) - then please consider digging just a little bit deeper into the bank account, and donate again.

The campaign is on the Eastern time zone, and will stop counting today's donations at Midnight ET (11pm CT, 10pm MT, 9pm WT). So please don't wait until the VERY LAST minute!

I've already donated $400 for the month, $300 just today - and I hereby pledge that if we are within a Million $ of breaking the all-time record, then I'll donate money I don't have (yet) and use my credit card! That's a promise.

Stay tuned! Check back all day long...

Bruce Arnold said...

We've broken our own record!

As of 6:30 CT, we've raised over
since Midnight ET!

We've also exceeded the number of individual donors from Nov. 5th.

This is all wonderful news!

And there's still several hours left in the day...

Bruce Arnold said...

START: Donation tracker on ronpaul2008.com read $11,552,560.73 at 12:00 AM

END: Donation tracker on ronpaul2008.com read $17,980,156.71 at 11:59 PM*

UNOFFICIAL TOTAL: $6,427,595.98

* The counter was actually "Stuck" there for several minutes before (& after) the end of the night, so there was probably too many new donations coming in at the last minute for the server to keep up with, so the Official total will probably be a little higher!

We've just blown away ALL fundraising records, both real & "imagined" - CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!