09 December 2007

Mormons knocking doors for Ron Paul instead of Mitt Romney - and they need your help!

Who better to go door to door canvassing than somebody who has already done it full time for 2 years as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

In a surprising turn of events many (Mormons) Latter-day Saints are not out cheering for Mitt Romney with whom they share faith - but for Congressman Ron Paul. Why? The simple answer is the Constitution. The Latter-day Saints revere the Constitution as nearly scripture. They feel that the founding fathers were inspired from on high to establish the free form of government that they did. Former Church President Ezra Taft Benson (and Secretary of Agriculture in the Eisenhower Administration) was quoted as saying that Church faithful should look on the Constitution as if it were a verse out of the bible.

This spiritual understanding of limited government and freedom has many Latter-day Saints flocking to Ron Paul's constitution-based presidential campaign.

Internet sites such as ours and latterdayconservative.com have cropped up on the internet in fiery support of Dr. Paul.

Responding to their own sense that the Constitution is in danger and needs to be defended, two brothers who are also Latter-day Saints (Mormons), Adam and Paul Chavez, want to fly to New Hampshire to apply their door knocking know-how to help Dr. Paul win in the Live Free or Die State. One is in Utah and one in California. They've only got one problem. Their pockets are empty. They need help to get there. That's why they've started a fund-raising effort to foot the bill for round trip airfare.

Once there, they will coordinate with Vijay Boyapati's Operation Live Free or Die (see http://www.operationlivefreeordie.com) to obtain housing and food, and then they will fly back home.

Round trip airfare from Salt Lake City, UT to Manchester, NH is hovering right around $650 according to Kayak.com.

Round trip airfare from San Francisco, CA to Manchester, NH is hovering right around $500, also on Kayak.com .

So the two need approximately $1150 for airfare. The plan is to raise the money by Friday, December 14th, then buy the tickets. Any spillover money will go towards other Ron Paul projects, such as the Blimp project ronpaulblimp.com or to sponsor other door knockers who want to fly to New Hampshire.

To make this a success, they need your help - only about 23 people giving $50 each. Instead of throwing your money into Comcast or dinner this month, consider giving your money to help a couple of dedicated volunteers get to New Hampshire. I'm sure many of you have already donated to Ron Paul's official campaign, and I thank you for that. If you're down to choosing between food and rent because you've given so much to help Dr. Paul, don't worry about giving.

But if you still have money to sacrifice, please consider it. Even if you don't have $50, consider giving $20 or even $10. Small amounts will help because you will not be acting alone. 10 people donating $10 each is much better than zero people saying, "$50 is too much and I won't give..." Your money will be wisely spent. Click here (http://gotonh.chipin.com/adam-and-paul-chavez-flying-to-new-hampshire) to donate now (You must have PayPal to make a donation).

With the Chavez brothers background in knocking doors, they estimate that they'll be able to knock on approximately 1000 doors each (that's about 200 doors per day), and help bring Dr. Paul's message to 30 new people every day, each - or about 300 total. 300 people hearing the message would cost tens of thousands of dollars in traditional media!

By donating $50 on or before Dec. 14th, your money can be ten times as effective as it would be if it were going to traditional media. Please visit this link (http://gotonh.chipin.com/adam-and-paul-chavez-flying-to-new-hampshire) to donate now.

Canvassing has been shown to be one of the best and most cost effective marketing tactics. A sincere believer in the message of freedom talking to somebody else face to face can have a far bigger impact than hearing a canned radio ad or TV announcement.

Please help get these two go-getter's to New Hampshire the week before the Dec. 8 New Hampshire primary, so they can knock doors to help the only real candidate win!

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