24 November 2007

Report on the Will Work for FREEdom Black Friday

Despite freezing temperatures and an icy northern wind, fourteen Ron Paul supporters from the Rocky Comfort Ron Paul Meetup Group gathered in Neosho, Missouri to support Dr. Paul’s Candidacy on the Black Friday, Will Work for FREEdom Day.
Dividing into groups, we covered highways 60, and 71/59, near the Neosho Wal Mart Super Center.
In the course of two hours, from 9:00 to 11:00 A.M. our sign rally attracted the notice of several hundred shoppers, and drivers from Oklahoma and Missouri.
Some of the group was able to distribute flyers and slim-jims to passing drivers.
Dedication marked their efforts.
Young and old, men and women, they sacrificed their time and energy for Ron Paul and the Christian Patriot movement.
Their stance was a living testimony to every passersby, that only one presidential candidate of either major political party is able to inspire his supporters with fervor enough to back him, through heat, rain or snow.
Ron Paul’s integrity has never been impugned or impeached. He is the candidate for every one who believes in the principles of Liberty and the American Way.

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