14 November 2007

Giuliani Comes to Mount Vernon: A Brief Account

The Giuliani motorcade rolled into Mt. Vernon on Monday. Half a dozen Ron Paul Supporters arose to meet him. They were polite and formal and as Giuliani was leaving, he spoke briefly to Candace Turner, the Group Leader.

Mr. Giuliani was asked if he would considered Ron Paul for his vice-president. Mr. Giuliani said that he would not, but that he admired the dedication of the Ron Paul-supporters.

Mr. Giuliani did not draw as large a crowd as his sponsors had hoped. An estimated one-hundred souls, or less, showed up to hear Mr. Giuliani's speech. They seemed
disillusioned by his message, and as upon leaving the building, they were extremely receptive to the flyers, signs and information offered by the Ron Paul Supporters.

Across the street, a man masquerading as Bernard Kerik, former New York
police commissioner who was indicted last week on conspiracy and fraud
charges, held a sign that read “Rudy, Pardon Me.

It has not been determined whether this gentleman was a Ron Paul supporter or not.

This small gathering of Ron Paul supporters made KSPR Channel 33 morning news on Tuesday. They were also mentioned in the Joplin Globe.

This small rally alone may have brought in dozens of potential Republican converts to Ron Paul's cause. We eagerly anticipate the results.

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