28 November 2007

Farmers For Ron Paul.

Welcome fellow farmers. Farming in America has always been a top politcal issue. Politicians love to talk about us. They make promises about how they will "help American farmers" but they don't always walk the walk. As my grandfather, a gentleman and an old farmer always says, "You can trust a politcian as far as you can throw him." He's never voted in his life. This year, he is registering to vote as a Republican, because of a man named Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a real farmer. He grew up on a farm outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He still enjoys working the land, and growing organic tomatoes. He is the only candidate who can claim to have actually lived and worked on a farm. He has first hand knowlege of what it's like.

You see, our family, who have been farming since they came to America, has been hit with hard times. It's simple uneconomical for us to make ends meet as small farmers. The politicians always promise money for farmers and plans to help farmers. Where does that money go? We've never seen it. It goes to the large Agri-businesses. The same ones that fund the lobbyists who work in the Capitol every year to make sure the latest "Farm Bill" is loaded with subsidies for them. Those subsidies line the pockets of the large corporate farmers, but hurt the millions of family farms just trying to get by. One man has always stood up for us, and his name is Ron Paul. Our system of subsidized agriculture simply isn't working for millions of hard-working farmers, because the government pays large farmers, which causes prices to come down, which means small farmers can't make ends meet.

Ron Paul is a leading advocate of free-market economies. He knows that under normal market circumstances, family farms could be more competitive. Ron Paul also wants to legalize the growing of industrial Hemp. This is Hemp that can't be used for drugs, but has a million uses in industry, such as making rope, clothing, and all sorts of materials. Even George Washington grew Hemp. Why should our nation suffer because we're not allowed to grow Hemp here?

Ron Paul is also an advocate of civil liberties. There has been talk about instituting a national ID for all livestock. The cost of registering would be a big burden for the small farmer who just wants to have a few cows kicking around on the back 40. Not only that, but the government would have an even greater hand in the operation of your farm, subjecting you to random inspections, and requiring you to report if anything happens to any one of your animals. Even poultry would have to be part of this system. So much for that backyard chicken coop.

We, the American farmer, have been the backbone of our nation since it's founding. We have kept our country fed and healthy. However, if we continue on the present path, soon the only farms left in the country will be owned by large corporations, and our way of life will be over. We'll have to hope for a job at a large corporate farm, or else pack up and leave our beloved land and way of life behind.
Please, fellow farmers, join me in promoting the only President who is talking common sense about agriculture, and the only one that will allow us to prosper, and the only one who won't interfere further with our way of life. Vote for Ron Paul.

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