12 November 2007

Branson Veteran's Parade Report.

On Sunday, I joined Ken Bridge's Branson Ron Paul Meetup Group and Mike Richardson with some volunteers from the Springfield group. We were about fourteen, in number. A fair number were young people, like myself.

We staked out positions around the congested highways and streets near downtown Branson and held our Ron Paul 2008 and Thank you Veterans signs for the thousands of drivers to see.

We attracted a gread deal of notice, most of it positive. Cars honked, drivers waved, and gave us thumbs-up. Some yelled pro-Ron Paul slogans and told us we couldn't have picked a better candidate to support.

The groups successfully handed out quite a lot of campaign literature. Nita staked out the bridge, and few drivers got past her, without a Slim Jim or a flyer.
I took some video footage of the events which will be uploaded to Youtube, hopefully by this evening.

Ken did a great job of organizing the event in tandem with the Springfield Group. All in all, I'd say we reached more than five thousand people, in a relatively short space of time.
Veterans vote and they ought to know that there a distinguished Veteran of the U.S. Military running for president and his name is not Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson.

We can go around the Corporate Media blackout on Ron Paul's Surging Revolution. If we can't go through the Media, then we'll go around them and reach the American People where they stand.

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