14 August 2007

New RSO at the U. of A. - Razorbacks for Ron Paul

Attention, University of Arkansas STUDENTS & FACULTY:

We're forming a new campus group called Razorbacks for Ron Paul. Once we become a registered student organization (RSO) we can set up a booth for Razorbash (the big campus event at the Union, Wednesday next week).

WE NEED STUDENTS TO SIGN UP FOR THIS GROUP IMMEDIATELY if we want to make this happen. We must have at least six members to be an RSO. We cannot participate in Razorbash unless we are an RSO, and the longer we wait the less likely we will be able to get a booth for Razorbash. I need the physical signatures of at least six people (including myself) to become an RSO. Email me: dmarek "at" uark.edu

Also, if anyone knows any faculty that might be interested, we need a faculty adviser. If you want to be an officer for this group you can tell me when you sign up for the group (you must have at least a 2.25 GPA to be an officer). Tomorrow I will be drafting the constitution for this group, so if you would like input on that (or if you'd like to write it for me), please tell me.

If you would like to make this group happen, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Douglas Marek

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