16 August 2007

Texas & Iowa

Here's a report from Roman, one of our local Ozark area folks that went to Iowa to support Ron Paul.

Also, be sure to consider a trip to Texas to help with their Straw Poll!
Details follow...

Just got back from Ames last night. I went up for 8 days including the Sunday ABC Debate and the Iowa Straw Poll in Ames.

During my week in Iowa I cheered with the Ron Paul mob outside of the Sunday ABC Debate and inside at the Straw Poll. Saw Dr. Paul at Tower Park, Fairfield, Pella, Oskaloosa, Creston, Des Moines and Ames. I delivered his first TV commercial video to the CableOne TV station in Sioux City, IA. Cooked HotDogs and Sweet Corn at the Straw Poll. Hauled most of the signs, stage materials, food, ice and water for the straw poll in my "Ron Paul For President" trailer. Met lots of great folks and can't wait to do it again.

And I also want to put together a delegation of volunteers to support our fellow Ron Paulers on
September 1st in Dallas for the TEXAS STRAW POLL. It's short notice but it's only a six hour drive. Our MeetUp group sponsor Trent said it sure would mean a ton if we could round up a posse and head on down to back them up for the day. We won't be able to vote so we'll probably be sign wavers and canvassers or some other form of support. I spent quite a bit of time with many of the Texas supporters last week. They are tireless hardcore activists and they're fun too. I figure if we can get 4-8 people to go that would be wonderful. I will volunteer to drive. My car seats 4 comfortably and 5 in a pinch. (Nissan Xterra). If we share driving we can make it a long day trip instead of an overnight.

(If you'd be willing to help out in Texas, just contact Roman at the Fayetteville Meetup, or leave a comment to this post with a way for him to contact you.)

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