26 July 2007

Ron Paul Wins Newton County Missouri Straw Poll

Results of a Straw Poll conducted by the Republican Party at the Newton County, Missouri Fair July 11-14, 2007:

UPDATE: 10/23/2007
It appears that our initial information was somehow inaccurate, and it turns out that
Ron Paul actually WON this Poll!
See this post's comments for details and the long-awaited OFFICIAL results:

For the record, here is the original post:
Ron Paul fell just 8 votes short of winning the poll, closely following actor Fred Thompson. But still far ahead of Giuliani, Romney, McCain, and all the other Republican candidates.

Although it wasn't a first-place victory, the fact that it was very close says something - and shows that Ron Paul's name recognition is finally approaching that of "the elitist-superstar-candidate" Fred "Law & Order" Thompson - at least here in our rural part of the SW Missouri Ozarks.

The results were announced at the Republican Watermelon Feed in Neosho, Missouri on July 25th.


Robert M. said...

Thanks for posting this. I heard he got second and was seriously bummed out. But hearing it was so close is great news. You can't spam straw polls. Ron Paul can do this thing!

Go Ron Paul!

Anonymous said...

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PapaSmurerf said...

Any other details about this poll? Like total votes cast, who got votes and how many each?



Bruce Arnold said...

Ron Paul Wins!

% / VOTES / Candidate

12.82% / 10 / Paul
11.54% / 9 / Thompson
5.13% / 4 / Brownback
3.85% / 3 / Giuliani
3.85% / 3 / Romney
2.56% / 2 / Huckabee
1.28% / 1 / Gingrich
0.00% / 0 / McCain
58.97% / 46 / Undecided

Official results provided courtesy of:
Newton County Republican Party
Nick Myers, CPA