12 July 2007

We're meeting lots of folks at the Fair!

Through the hard work (and generous donations) of many of our local group members, we've put together a very colorful and attention-getting booth at the Netwon County Fair (Neosho, Missouri); to promote both Ron Paul and the Property Rights Congress.

We're actually reaching a lot of people... Many of whom have never heard of Ron Paul (and some that have). This is proving to be an excellent outreach to our neighbors that aren't online much (or at all). These are the folks that need to hear about Ron Paul, and we're happy to get to talk with them.

If you are in the neighborhood this week, please drop by and say "Hi" - We love to meet new people!


a_the_w said...

Lots of interest in Ron Paul at the fair. People are catching on to him, and the whole thing was encouraging.

William Roberts said...

Next fair is the McDonald County Fair, July 19-21. See you there.

ginger said...

Had a great time at the fair booth. Lots of Ron Paul supporters

carol said...

It was a good time. People are waking up. I found that it is we olders that are very aware of what is happening.