17 July 2007

Update on Iowa Outreach

I must take my hat off to the group members who have been participating in the recent events, and devoting their time and resources to same. The Newton County Fair booth looked great.

Last week, I signed up with the Ron Paul Iowa Volunteer Phone Bank. Was unable to participate because The Ron Paul Campaign has begun their own, professional phone banking operation.

Received the following e-mail from the Volunteer coordinator, Chuck Young.

"Hi all,

The Ron Paul Campaign has started a dedicated phone banking operation targeting Iowa! We're overjoyed to see this commitment from National; guess we were out ahead of the curve?

We apologize for any time or effort you feel you might have wasted on this grassroots initiative; we did proceed with the Iowa coordinator's full knowledge.

In order to avoid any duplicity of effort, we're shutting down this operation immediately.

We'd like y'all to email:


to get more info about this exciting new development!

Thanks all,
Chuck Young"

Ron Paul held a significant rally in Mountain View, California, this past week end. Justin Raimondo links to some U-Tube videos of this portentous event.

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Bruce Arnold said...

Thanks for that very informative update!