09 July 2007

Operation Spooner- Iowa Outreach

Ozark Voters:
This post is outdated, and therefore removed...

Operation Spooner has been replaced by a formal phone bank effort from the Ron Paul campaign!

This is GREAT NEWS... It means that the national campaign is listening carefully and moving quickly to adopt good ideas started by our grassroots organizations.

And if you're looking for the original information, it is still available at the Ron Paul Forums:


Bruce Arnold said...

I'm forwarding this message from Brad Jansen also, as it relates to the Operation Spooner post...
I wanted to bring to everyone's attention an important effort that would win the Ames Straw poll (and later the Iowa caucus for Dr. Paul). My name is Brad Jansen, and I'm a former legislative staffer for Rep. Ron Paul from 1997-2001 and am volunteering with the
campaign, and, at Kent's personal request, helping the compaign with the ballot petitioning/delegate issue. I still work closely with the Congressional office on policy
matters related to my work, and Dr. Paul just put my written testimony into the record at a recent committee hearing. I'm explaining all of this to show that I'm not a mole or kook or anything and that I have a long-standing relationship with Dr. Paul (and voted for him in 1988).

While I was working in the DC office, Jason Stoddard was one of our interns. Although his
enthusiasm got to be too much sometimes, his heart is always in the right place. Currently, he has organized an important initiative with other Ron Paul supporters to
called Operation Spooner to enable ordinary volunteers like ourselves to call registered voters in Iowa and introduce them to Dr. Paul and the Freedom Philosophy. A test run
calling the former Iowa convention delegates showed that only 6% were previously familiar with the good doctor but that more than one-third liked what they heard on these calls.


More information is available here.

And Rachel "I'm a Ron Paul Junkie" Mills explains it here.

Just to be clear, this is an independent project not under the official campaign since all of you were overwhelming the understaffed campaign when the organizers brought the project to them many weeks ago. So, they took the initiative to move forward just as the Ron Paul July 3/4th overnight and all of our other independent initiatives. They are NOT part of the Clifton Coalition nor do they have any other agenda than promoting Dr. Paul's campaign.

In short, the official campaign does not have the resources and staff, and for technical reasons, no longer have the time to duplicate this initiative. There's no reason: help Operation Spooner and win Iowa for Dr. Paul!

Savrola said...

Great post, Bruce.

I signed up for this operation. It's quite easy.
Also posted this Notice around.

Bruce Arnold said...

Good for you!!!

Have you had time to participate in the operation yet? If you feel so inclined, please share your experience with us here...