09 April 2009

Reminder: Be there 7pm Friday!


featuring guest speaker; 7th district coordinator; Campaign for Liberty.
With opportunity to for those attending to ask questions and offer their ideas.

7:00 pm Friday April 10th
At the Watley Center north Business 37 Cassville


We welcome you, and look forward to working with you to protect liberty and to return our nation to more Constitutionally based principles. We need to be about more than changing votes: we need to be changing lives, starting with our own.

I am going to be very focussed on action: action in our communities, actions to change our own lives to match what we are saying.

The monied interests have been taking our freedom a little at a time by starting so many fires we cannot possibly put them all out. We need to use the same technique to get our freedom back: have so many efforts on so many fronts pushing from so many directions: private charity and personal compassion, sustainable and fiscally responsible community, sound money, home school and private education, free speech and freedom to practice our religion, protection of the second amendment. citizen initiatives and referenda, strong local candidates for office, that they cannot possibly stomp them all out. Only that way can we save our troubled national government and only that way does it cease to matter one way or another what they do in Washington.

For further information you may contact Dan Lee at 669-2036

If you find this of interest to you, your friends may also. Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think may like to attend.