09 April 2009

April 15th "Tax Day" Tea Party in Joplin

John Putman with the SW MO Conservative Network is organizing a...

Tax Day Tea Party
at 12:00PM
at the Joplin Justice Center
303 E 3rd St.

Bring your signs (keep them clean). There will be a small sound system and music.

The program may contain an open mic section for people. If you have a rant or a quote from our founding fathers that you want to share, please contact John Putnam (moboergoats@jscomm.net). Also, please email 1 grievance you have against Washington to Mr. Putnam. He is working on a scroll that will be read during the rally.


…tired of your government spending your tax dollars excessively?

…annoyed that many of our nation’s laws and budgets are filled with billions of dollars of pork and pet projects?


…feel that your legislators have stopped listening to the voice of the people and make decisions for political favors and their own personal gain?

…disagree with your hard earned money being used to bail out banks and people who made bad decisions?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions and want to do something about it, please join

The Joplin Tea Party

Please visit their website or meetup group online: