21 March 2009

Way Better than TV: Internet Video/Radio News

Since I just lambasted FauxNews (a.k.a. FoxNews) in my previous post, in the interest of fairness I'll give them a tiny bit of credit for their new (Internet-only) program:

Freedom Watch with the Judge:

The "Judge" in this case is Judge Andrew Napolitano, and his guests regularly include Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, & Peter Schiff - among other less-distinguished commentators that you'll have to try hard to endure at times. While I have reservations about anything FauxNews does, at least now that Emperor George II is gone, they've returned to being the so-called "opposition" MSM (the role formally held by CNN during W's reign of terror). And it is telling that they DON'T dare air these patriots' opinions on their TV network - and practically hide it on their website - and from what I've seen I'm guessing the show's budget is less than $100/per episode (bad audio and amatuer-quality production abound - just see for yourself what I mean). So don't get too excited that Faux has come around all of a sudden, but tune in (or catch the replays on YouTube)... This week's simulcast with the Alex Jones show was interesting so be sure to watch it here.

For the new shows, you can watch them live Wednesdays at 1 PM Central Time... Which, by the way, fortunately doesn't conflict with our own William Roberts' new weekday lunch-hour broadcasts of Become Vocal Local!

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