20 March 2009

MIAC / Missouri Police Report UPDATE

The outrage is spreading beyond Missouri and has quickly gone nationwide.

(As well it should! If the garbage in this report is being spoon-fed to Missouri's Officially-Costumed Jack-Booted Thugs, then it is likely reaching every state.)

Here is a link to the PDF of that despicable MIAC report:
or if you can't view PDF files, try here:

A liberty-loving 1st amendment supporter from the Benton County, Arkansas Ron Paul Meetup group created some bumper stickers and t-shirts to help us all express our displeasure...

I found this article by Patrick Wood to be exceptionally informative, especially for those who don't understand what "MIAC" is and how dangerous their reports could be...

Here's a quote:

"A February 20 report entitled "The Modern Militia Movement" was issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) that paints mainstream patriotic Americans as dangerous threats to law enforcement and to the country.

Operating under the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the MIAC is listed as a Fusion Center that was established in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.

Because authenticity of the report was questioned by some, this writer contacted Missouri state Representative Jim Guest (R-King City) who had personally verified that the report had indeed been issued. Rep. Guest is chairman of the Personal Privacy Committee and is a prominent leader in the national blowback against the Real ID Act of 2005 that requires states to issue uniform driver's licenses containing personal biometric data. (See Guest warns against Big Brother, Real ID)

Rep. Guest stated that he was "shocked and outraged" at the report, which clearly paints him and many other elected state leaders, as a potential threats to law enforcement."


"According to the National Criminal Intelligence Resource Center (NCIRC), a Fusion Center is "a collaborative effort of two or more agencies that provide resources, expertise, and/or information to the center with the goal of maximizing the ability to detect, prevent, apprehend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity."

As of 2006, the NCIRC listed 50 Fusion Centers in various states.

Most importantly, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security are the driving forces behind Fusion Centers..."

(Read the full article.)

I also recommend checking out this discussion:

Which includes...
"I was also repeatedly assured that no officer would profile vehicles with political information on the vehicles or because of profiling; he commented that the officers take the Constitution very seriously and would never encroach on our civil rights. If we ever felt that our rights were encroached upon, to contact the police department in question and let them know and an investigation will be launched.

With all that being said, he wanted me to inform EVERYONE that they have set-up an email account specifically for the MIAC concerns. He asked me to direct everyone to that email and they will look into everyone’s concerns. That email is:
(Editor's note: Of course, they may have configured this email inbox to just send form-letter auto-replies, and then promptly direct your email to the Trash... )

And in this article by
Paul Joseph Watson:

"Both Governor Nixon and the Missouri Information Analysis Center may have acted foolishly in refusing to denounce the report for what it is - a completely inaccurate smear which if anything makes America less safe from terrorists because it identifies as terrorists some of the most patriotic groups one can imagine.

The fact that the document clearly constitutes libel and defamation has not gone unnoticed by Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul and Bob Barr, who have agreed to pursue legal action if the report is not withdrawn.

The three former presidential candidates have sent a letter to Missouri officials protesting the MIAC report. Appearing on The Alex Jones Show yesterday, Baldwin said that he and his fellow letter signatories will consider legal action if the letter does not result in a repudiation of the MIAC report and its absurd allegations."

Missouri's Campaign For Liberty posted this response, which includes an invitation...
"We would like to invite all law enforcement officials to our Freedom Celebration featuring Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News and Congressman Ron Paul on Friday, March 27th, at 8:00 p.m. at the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis. This event is free and open to the public and will allow officers to experience just how wrong the MIAC report is in its irresponsible profiling of Campaign for Liberty Members."

Even Glenn "controlled opposition" Beck (the Judas Goat) on the corrupt FauxNews has "reported" on it...
(Of course, he simply made light of it, joking with far-left-liberal-libertarian Penn Jillette. It was so badly "reported" by Beck that a friend told me he heard Beck's report, and thought it was SATIRE. He was shocked to learn that it was actually true!)

Finally, to sum all this up:

We all need to learn to clearly distinguish our friends from our enemies,
and those that might become our friends from those who never will be.