21 September 2008


Our first meeting of the Ozarks Property Rights Congress in Barry County was not well-attended, but neverthless, I think we're off to a good start.

On Friday, I spoke with Mrs. Angela Basham, the lady who has organized a Petition to End Personal Property Tax in the State of Missouri.
So far the petition has gained over 13,518 signatures online, with not advertising or activism.

The Secretary of State's office is dragging its feet about approving this issue, but we hope to begin collecting official signatures, after the November elections.

Hopefully we will see the petition to eliminate most features of Eminent Domain, on the ballot, next year as well.

To quote Barry Obama's speechwriter,

"Yes we can."

I hope to visit the McDonald County Chapter of the OPRC next month and talk about this movement to end the property tax in Missouri.