23 September 2008

Ron Paul officially endorses Charles Baldwin

Ron Paul officially endorses Charles Baldwin of the Constitution Party for President in 2008.

I voted for Peroutka & Baldwin on the CP ticket for President in 2004, and I had already decided to vote for Baldwin/Castle in November - since writing in Ron Paul isn't an option here in Missouri.

So speaking personally, I'm glad he made this move. And I'm also gratified that Dr. Paul's press release makes his reasons for doing so perfectly clear. I hope that even former supporters of the Barr campaign will understand why it was done.

What I don't know right now is what real difference this endorsement by Dr. Paul will make in the long run; as the brainwashed masses still mistakenly believe they must either "vote for or lesser of two evils" or "pick the winner of the horserace" rather than pick the best person for the job. Just de-programming the average ignorant voter is the real challenge we face in the coming years.