08 September 2008


Taken some time to recover from last week's trip to the Minneapolis-based Rally for the Republic.

Hope to post regularly, or at least more often, as time permits.

Some updates.

U.S. Tommorow is a new monthly newspaper, which was distributed at the Rally. It contains the work of many great writers in the movement, like Chuck Baldwin, Alan Stang and Paul Craig Roberts.
Visit their website, or sign up and receive a free copy, now.

The Barry County Chapter of the Ozarks Property Rights Congress will be holding its first meeting on September 20th, 2008, at 4 p.m. in the community room of the Cassville Branch Library.

This meeting is intended to be organizational in nature, but we also will also be introducing several Topics for discussion which we hope to take concrete action upon, in the immediate future.

1. Understanding local government policy, taxation and functions.

2. Understanding the chain of boards and committees which sustain this structure and how we can become a part of, and eventually take over these important organs of local government, by beginning at the school board, and Central Committee level.

3. How we can effectively eliminate local taxes without affecting the financial structure of the local governments public institutions which these taxes supposedly support.

Sign this Petition to End Personal Property Tax in the State of Missouri. Hopefully this will be a ballot issue, next year.

Missouri Citizens for Property Rights Withdraws Suit Against Secretary of State

“We've been asked if we will try again. How can we stop now? We've been working on this for three long years, but I've met folks around the state, like Homer and Julie Tourkakis, who have been struggling for much longer to keep their home or business from being taken -- not for a road or school, but for the private profit of a developer. We can not stop! Watch for us next summer.”