05 August 2008

The r3VOLution hits a new gear

With the approaching GOP convention and associated events there has never been a better time to advance the message of freedom, prosperity and peace. Listed below are some happenings to be a part of:

Rally for the Republic - The Campaign for Liberty's $1 million event is coming, August 31st - September 2nd. This is going to be a mega event of a lifetime for the freedom movement to shine. Everyone needs to be there, get your tickets today at:

Walk for freedom - On August 11, 2008, latter day Paul Revere's will step forward and take the Message of Freedom directly to the people of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Displaying undaunted commitment to the restoration of Constitutional government in America, these patriots of the 2nd American Revolution will traverse 280 miles in 21 days to arrive in Minneapolis for Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty convention on September 2nd. Already, dozens of patriots have signed up to Walk the Walk. Pledge to walk or make a donation.

DVD's for Delegates - This project is producing and distributing a series of four educational DVDs to the roughly 4,600 Delegates and Alternates to the 2008 Republican National Convention before they get to Saint Paul in September. Their mission is to wake up these National Delegates to the awesome responsibility they have, to do more than just hold a scripted convention, a show for the media. Volunteers and donations are needed.

Rally For The Republic Sponsorship - Help RonPaulForums.com members make a $1000 donation to the Campaign For Liberty. Your donation will have many benefits. The sponsorship will highlight the forums at the Rally For The Republic, we will have a booth to sell Liberty Straw Poll tickets from, and the CFL will get to spend that money promoting Ron Paul's message. Donate to keep up the discussion and sharing of ideas!

Ron Stock '08 - During the Rally for the Republic, an organic dairy farmer just 1 hour from downtown with over 60 acres is letting freedom lovers camp there. There will be a bus or shuttle to get everyone up to the rally. There are arrangements for some speakers, music and an organic market to get veggies and meats and cheeses right there.

Operation St. Paul - The American Liberty Coalition PAC is raising money to blanket St. Paul in advertising during the GOP Convention:

Letter to the GOP - Over 10,000 Ron Paul supporters have signed a letter to the GOP stating the reasons they will not vote for presumptive nominee John McCain. They feel that McCain can not beat Obama in the presidential race, and if McCain is the nominee, they will be voting for somebody other than McCain for president. You can add your name to the list here:

Liberty Straw Poll - Join us on September 17th, Constitution Day, for an exciting new event that will change the landscape of candidate fund raising: the inaugural Liberty Straw Poll where a group of Congressional candidates will compete for your vote during the Liberty Straw Poll Debate.
The straw poll winners will receive the total value of purchased tickets as their prize, thereby concentrating the reward, heightening the intensity, and recognizing the winners as leaders among liberty supporters. Get your ticket today at:

Remember Nueces - Several Texas grassroots activists including the delegate patriots in Nueces County have decided to CONTINUE TO FIGHT the abuses that occurred at the Nueces County Convention and were perpetuated by the Texas Republican Party at the State Convention. To that end, funds are being raised to pursue legal action that will seek, among other things, a ruling that the votes held in the Nueces SD and CD Caucuses were invalid since in both cases the illegitimate delegation from Nueces was the majority vote.

Strangebedfollows - A unique and diverse left--right coalition has come together to put a stop to the eradication of civil liberties in America. On August 8, 2008 there will be a moneybomb on behalf of constitutional rights and civil liberties in America. Pledge today at:

To all the forum members, a video tribute to you and what you have done can be seen here- thank you for everything!