11 November 2007

Understanding the Media bias

More and more of us everyday are learning to see through their tricks, but some still don't get it (yet).

Almost every time I read on a Ron Paul supporter's blog or website how supposedly "positive" a new MSM article about or TV interview with Ron Paul is, and then actually READ or SEE what the MSM has done, I have to wonder when enough of us are going to wake up and realize this:

The Big Elitist MainStream Media is America's #1 Enemy right now.

I know I often repeat this, and I recently have even been criticized by a certain few people online for [to paraphrase] "constantly gnawing this bone that I have to pick with the MSM." But the reason I do is in part because understanding the Media's underhanded role in this election is essential to getting Ron Paul elected. Why you may ask? Goethe answered it best...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

If you don't see how the MSM is manipulating you, you'll never be free of that manipulation.

I want you to be free, therefore I will continue to point out their deception, and call for the overthrow of their control. If you don't see their manipulations, it will be much more difficult, if not impossible, to free others from that grip, and to achieve our most important short-term goal: To elect Ron Paul as president.

For whatever reason, even people smart & wise enough to realize what an excellent President Ron Paul would make, still refuse to "take the red pill" and see the truth about the media.

To those that don't yet understand, please take time to learn why this is important:

The media is the greatest manipulator of public opinion in America. The media is controlled by a half-dozen or so mega-conglomerates (owning over 90% of all TV channels and almost that high a percentage of newspapers and magazines). Those few that control the media are all of a like mind (not really a "conspiracy" - but more of a general agreement of purpose). That purpose is to gain power, riches and influence, and to maintain the status quo that has rewarded them with these riches beyond all reason. Their purpose is to support their elitist friends, and their elitist agenda, which is to expand their power to the point where one day they control the entire globe (and they are closer to achieving it than you probably think). THAT the reason they do everything possible to thwart Dr. Paul...

Ron Paul isn't controlled by the elite (unlike all the other frontrunner (D) or (R) candidates), and Dr. Paul has proven that he is steadfastly incorruptible for over 30 years. Even worse than the fact that he is "uncontrollable" by the elite, Dr. Paul also will do everything in his power to return to a law-abiding, constitutional government, and to strengthen America in every way... And THAT will not only slow (or perhaps even stop) the elite's plans for a global one-world government (controlled by the few elites, of course), it will also reduce their power, influence, and perhaps even riches! And that is something they cannot abide!

So, through their complete control of the MainStream Media, the orders have gone down through the rank and file of the wannabe-elitists who have sold their soul to their masters: "Do everything you can to undermine Ron Paul's campaign."

First, they tried to ignore him. But with tens of thousands (or more) of tireless grassroots supporters getting Ron Paul's name out in every way possible, ignoring him soon wasn't enough....

Then, they started to attack him. Not "too" openly (with some exceptions), lest their horrible bias become so obvious that even the average entertainment-addled public skool graduate couldn't miss it. But as some of them are actually capable of the art of manipulation, they carefully craft ways to use words and images that turn away people who would otherwise support Ron Paul. Note how most images of him the media uses are not the friendly, kindly-faced man that we know Ron Paul to be, but instead are scowling, angry, or otherwise negative in appearance. And they never miss an opportunity to say "he may have [insert something amazing here - like breaking donation records], but he still can't win." That is an old and devious tactic (wholly unsupported by reason or logic), that unfortunately sinks in to Joe and Jane Average if they hear it enough times - UNLESS we refute it with the truth often enough through our own efforts, and those of Dr. Paul's campaign.

The few hundred super-elites are America's (and all patriot's) worst long-term enemy. It is they who are the generals... The puppet-masters of the MainStream Media. But it is the MSM that is the most dangerous short-term threat, as they are the ground troops battling in the elite's very real war to destroy The United States of America, and create their "New World Order" - with those same unelected super-elites at the top, pulling everyone's strings.

Our would-be puppetmasters will be stopped, eventually. History has proven that all empires must fall - collapsing under their own weight. No amount of technology or crafty intelligence can prevent it. The only question remains: When?

The elites know that a President Ron Paul will derail their plans, that is why they use their MSM to try to prevent it.

And that is why WE must do everything in our power to elect Ron Paul.

This isn't just an election, it is war between the elite and everyone else. We cannot allow ourselves to fail...

Do whatever it takes to beat the MSM in these next few months!

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