09 November 2007

Giuliani Coming to Mt. Vernon

By Joe Daues

Story Created: Nov 8, 2007

(Story Updated: Nov 9, 2007 )
KSPR news has learned that presidential hopeful and Rudy Giuliani is coming to the Ozarks.

The former mayor of New York City plans to come to the Mt. Vernon for an event at the American Legion Hall Monday 11-12.. His Veterans Day visit is scheduled for 2:30 Monday afternoon.
Republican party officials say at least 300 people are expected at the event.

Giuliani is in a tight race for the Republican presidential nomination with Governor Mitt Romney, Senator John McCain, and Senator Fred Thompson..

This week Giuliani has been attending town hall meetings in Iowa. Friday (11-9) Giuliani is speaking in Henderson, Nevada and Saturday (11-10) he’ll be in Loveland, Colorado.

Giuliani has attended five fundraisers in Missouri… all of them in the St. Louis area. This will be his first visit to rural Missouri.

It is the second visit to the Ozarks of a presidential candidate. Mitt Romney held a fundraiser in Springfield October, 2.

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