04 November 2007

Senator Pork Barrel Endorses Mussolini...er, Giuliani

Our distinguished Senator from Washington D.C. has, endorsed Giuliani for President.

Kit Bond, naturally heeding the views and best interests of his contributors and friends in D.C. has thrown his considerable weight behind Giuliani's campaign.

As Missourians and Senator Bond's alleged constituents, it is our duty to remind the good senator, that this is America, not Britain or Canada, and in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, there is no such thing as a "safe seat." Please by-pass the Senator's site, to avoid the dubious priviledge of viewing it En Espanol and go here,
to remind him that his duty is to the people of Missouri, not to corporations and crooked politicians.
By his endorsement of Giuliani, Senator Bond, has in effect, endorsed Hillary Clinton.

There is nothing which Clinton stands for that Giuliani does not stand for, as well.
Their position on abortion, gun-control, taxation and foreign policy are identical.

His history of excessive abuses of power and outright corruption, equals that of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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