01 November 2007

Another Straw Poll Landslide for Ron Paul

Southwest Missouri is the conservative stronghold in the Show Me State. Its very well known that if you don't win Southwest Missouri, you don't win the state.

On November 1st, voters picked their choice for the Republican nomination for the 2008 Presidential election.

During the last 20 years, every Republican Presidential winner has made a campaign stop in Southwest Missouri (the fastest growing part of the state). Reagan in 1980, 84, Bush Sr. 88, 92, Bush Jr, 2000, 04. Other Candidates that made appearances were Pat Buchanan in 1996 (he Won the Missouri Primary that year); and Matt Blunt the current Governor of the State is from Springfield and has a home in Southwest Missouri.

The results of tonights straw poll show overwhelming support for Texas Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul who received 78% of the vote.

The results are as follows:

Ron Paul - 85 votes
Mike Huckabee - 11 votes
Mitt Romney - 6 votes
Fred Thompson - 2 votes
Rudy Giuliani - 1 vote
Tom Tancredo - 0
John McCain - 0
Allan Keyes - 0
Other - 4


Savrola said...

You beat me to it.

I thought we were going to face some competition from the Romney supporters who seemed to be everywhere.

Bruce Arnold said...

Actually, that brings up a good, and encouraging point...

From what you (and others) have mentioned, there were around 2 dozen people at the event that were wearing some sort of Mitt Romney promotional button or other item. (Presumably his "supporters.")

And yet, he only got SIX votes.

What does that tell us? What we have already suspected... People that are so shallow as to follow a "politician" like Romney are just sheep. Most of them really don't care about America and the future of our country. They put on a "Go Mitt!" button because one of their shepherds told them to. But they really aren't at all motivated by him... Not even motivated enough to fill out a straw poll ballot at an event that they were already attending! (Or if they did vote, they grew a backbone long enough to vote for Ron Paul whilst privately filling out their ballot... And if so, then good for them!)

So the good news for America is this: With the exception of Ron Paul, the current crop of candidates in the Republican primary are so uninspiring that a lot of the unthinking sheep-like voters will not bother to trouble themselves to vote come primary election day. (Even if they do "claim" support of one of the MainStreamMedia-anointed frontrunners/CFR stooges.) After all, that type of voter will be "happy" with whoever the shepherds pick to lead the GOP.

But the Ron Paul rEVOLution is active, mobilized, and will trudge through snow, sleet, storm and any obstacle to vote for the best candidate we've ever had in a Republican primary... RON PAUL.

So please join with me and asking God's divine blessing for the worst possible weather during all the various caucus' and primary elections. The more sheep that stay home nice, dry & warm in their stable come election day, the bigger Ron Paul's victory will be!

Bruce Arnold said...

Excellent and fair article about this poll:

Ron Paul is choice among local GOP
by Steve Koehler
Springfield News-Leader

Bruce Arnold said...

Great News!

We made the front page of the Ron Paul website with this win!

Read the campaign's news article...

Then Digg the campaign's official release here.