01 October 2007


By Mike Haynes.

"You can’t do that!!!"
"Why Not?"
"Just because I said so."
"But the Rules, Laws, Regulations read otherwise," I protested.
"Well, I’m changing them so you can’t do that. And no, I won’t let you see any of the paperwork."

Sound familiar? Has your City, County, School Board, Police Dept., or any other local entity operated by YOUR tax money ever refused you information, over charged you, or did things that you thought were against the good of the people? If so then attend the Public Sunshine Law seminar offered by the MO Attorney Generals Office to be held in Verona MO on October 4, 2007 at 7:00 PM. What???, its FREE, they won’t charge me any money. That’s Right. It’s free, informative and best of all it opens doors to good communication between the citizens and public officials. Please note. This in NOT a “gripe” session, not a “vent your anger” session or any thing of the sort. It is strictly an information seminar, a knowledge dissemination meeting offered by the MO Attorney General’s Staff thru the suggestion of Mr. Haynes of Verona. What’s the catch??? Only that we need to inform the Attorney General of the number of anticipated participates. Two reasons for this. One, they would like to have at least 20 people attend in order to justify the expense of coming down here to put on the seminal, and Second, they need to know how many will attend in order to have enough literature on hand. (And for the city of Verona to make arrangements for tables and chairs as needed). This seminar is open to ALL interested citizens. You don’t have to be a member of any city council, school board or anything of the such but, those of you who are, you also are welcome and encouraged to attend. We encourage anyone, ALL citizens, to attend. Please contact Mike Haynes 417 498 2261 when he is at home or better yet contact Verona city hall in advance and let then know you plan on attending. Contact info for Verona city hall is City Clerk, Kathy Urschel, at 417 498 6725 or email Verona@mo-net.com Hope to see you there. Tell a Friend about this meeting.


Darin said...


I've posted quite a few violations. Happens all the time.

Digital correspondence is going to provide some interesting barriers and struggles for "champions of democracy" and "Janitors of Records" alike.

Anonymous said...


Btw, I enjoy reading your Branson blog.