03 October 2007

Busted! Jay Nixon Uses His Official State Vehicle to Attend Fundraisers

Last Week, the Missouri Political News Service broke this story. This week, it has been confirmed by an AP reporter, in the Springfield News-Leader.

This is not a partisan issue, however. Governor Blunt and Lt. Governor Peter Kinder are equally free and easy with the taxpayers funds, and state-owned vehicles.
The problem won't go away if one party or the other gains power. More than thirty years ago, George Wallace noted that there was not a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties in America.
Nor can one complain that taxpayer monies are being wasted and then demand socialist programs which will generate an even greater waste of the the taxpayer's hard earned dollars, as Missouri bloggers like KCBlue do.

The problem is the state, and the professional politicians who run it and ourselves, the American people who continue to vote them into power.

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