03 April 2009

Vote Paul Bingham for Barry County Health Board: April 7

As we enter times of economic unrest and instability can the Barry County Health Department afford to spend our tax dollars on projects which produce uncertain returns?
Can the Health Department continue to accept grants from the Federal Government that come with expensive strings attached?

Can taxpayers continue to sustain the expension of their dollars on experimental programs like World Breast-Feeding Month, which the Health Board observed by hiring Bi-lingual Breast-Feeding Peer Counselors, and the attempted introduction of onerous regulations like last years Temperary Food Service Permit for non-profit organizations, including Churches?

Let’s make sure that in times of economic uncertainty the Barry County Health Board will take a prudent and conservative approach to safeguarding the rights, health and property of the citizens of Barry County?

Vote for

Paul Bingham

Barry County Health Board.

April 7, 2009