14 February 2009

Guest Speaker: Dr. Larry Bates

The Barry County Campaign for Liberty and the Barry County Chapter of the Ozarks Property Rights Congress will be jointly hosting guest speaker, Dr. Larry Bates, a veteran newsman, economist, former legislator, and bank CEO. Dr. Bates is author of the best-selling book The New Economic Disorder and hosts the radio show, Unraveling the New World Order. He has appeared on such popular Christian programs as Point of View and Prophecy in the News

Dr. Bates will be speaking on the following subjects:

  • How the Obama presidency will affect your finances and freedoms.
  • What the 2008 elections mean for gun-rights and the future of the USA.
  • Specific Actions You can Take to Protect Your Family from the Impending Economic and Political crisis.
  • The plans for a new currency for North America
  • How to storm-proof your assets


New Crowder College Watley Center
4020 Main St.
Cassville, Missouri

Date: 7:00 p.m. Thursday, Febuary 19, 2009.