23 October 2008

University Extension and N.A.I.S.

An extract from a paper I recently wrote, on Cooperative Extension

N.A.I.S. is perhaps a minor facet of Agenda 21. We frequently hear the term, “Sustainable Agriculture” used in conjunction with it.
Which produces the interesting question, who determines and, or, what is “sustainable agriculture?”

Is this not a blatant attempt at control?

However, we might briefly consider the role of Cooperative Extension in furthering N.A.I.S.

Cooperative Extension, as an arm of the U.S.D.A. was in the forefront of the N.A.I.S. implementation effort.

There are a great number of people who are opposed to, or only grudgingly accept of, the National Animal ID System.
It is worthwhile convincing them that it is possible to stop N.A.I.S. by means of the Extension Council.

Formerly, Extension Councils were conditioned, by University “experts” to accept the National Animal I.D. system as a matter of course.