28 June 2008

Become Vocal Local - Weekdays on RBN

Good news for the ongoing campaign for liberty...
Become Vocal Local is on the air!

Will Roberts, one of our own Ozark neighbors, now has his own daily one hour radio broadcast on the Republic Broadcasting Network, and it is called "Become Vocal Local."

You can listen in live Monday through Friday from 1:00-2:00 PM, or if you are unable to tune in at that time (or you miss a show) you can listen to a previous show's archive anytime it is convenient for you.

Listeners will become more aware and better educated about important events, and it also offers you something much more important... Real solutions.

This program is unlike the multitude of common "chat & complain" talk radio broadcasts, (which are frequently very informative and enjoyable - though exist largely for hosts & callers to vent their frustration at the latest government acts of tyranny). Instead of merely pointing out and discussing the latest outrages being perpetrated upon us, the "Become Vocal Local" program offers real and easily implementable solutions that can work anywhere in the United States of America.

The show introduces, discusses and clarifies Will's longstanding and tested methods to get voters "Vocal Local" on a precinct-by-precinct basis. Local voting precincts are the primary building blocks of government, and if we can get voters organized and "vocal" in most every local precinct, we can achieve victory after victory in upcoming elections, instead of the all-too-frequent disappointing and disheartening defeats we've endured for years.

Forming local precinct groups committed to promoting more liberty, freedom, and the protection of property rights, presents us with our best hope of creating meaningful change - and working towards making a real difference in future local, state and presidential elections. The "Vocal Local" plan has many similarities to Ron Paul's last-minute "Precinct Leader" plan which many of you may be familiar with (and which unfortunately never had time to fully develop), but this works well beyond any one candidate, election or issue.

Though it is fairly simple to implement once understood, the entire "Vocal Local" solution is more complex than can be explained in a blog post like this one, or even a complete one-hour radio show... That's why you'll want to tune in daily to each and every show as more pieces of the puzzle are presented and explained, for you and your neighbors to assemble in the way which fits best for your local situation.

In my discussion with Will earlier today, he outlined his plan to produce and distribute materials to supplement the weekday broadcasts, to make it much easier for listeners to implement and customize the Vocal Local concept in their own local precinct. We will provide links to these materials on the OzarksVoter.Info website when they become available later this summer (just click on the Vocal Local buttons).

I urge you to support Will Roberts by tuning in to his program daily. Not only because it is good to support a neighbor's work, but because this plan can work - and you own it to yourself and your family to become
Vocal Local and bring about real & meaningful change.

About the show's host:

Many of you may know Will Roberts from his tireless efforts campaigning for Ron Paul over the past year. He is the organizer of SW Missouri's Rocky Comfort Ron Paul Meetup group #56, and he is a frequent guest (and guest host) on several pro-liberty programs on radio, shortwave and internet broadcasts. He is a dedicated scholar of history and political science, and has spent decades researching, writing, implementing and perfecting his area of study. He has fascinated both politicians and PhD professors alike with his in-depth and insightful knowledge on the inner workings of society in general and politics in particular.