27 April 2008

Break The Matrix - Update

Just a quick update to let y'all know that "Break The Matrix" has taken it's next step forward, adding (yet another) social networking site for Ron Paul supporters to meet & exchange ideas.

Why bother? Because hopefully this will become much more than "(yet another) social networking site." The goals that Trevor Lyman (yes, the "moneybomb guy") and crew have for "Break The Matrix" are actually something more than the usual efforts:

"Very simply, we are building our "BreakTheMatrix" media company to produce and transmit a wide ranging array of interesting and entertaining media content through BTM radio and television networks."
- Rick Williams CEO of Basic media, Inc. (parent company of "Break The Matrix")

Notice the key goal of forming "radio and television networks."

One thing that we have all hopefully learned by now is that the ignorant masses are blindly led by the so-called "mainstream media" (MSM). What many people do not realize is that 99% of television channels and most of the FM radio stations are all owned by just SIX "media conglomerates." Think about that...

When it is all boiled down to the essence: Only 6 men (and their cronies) run the companies and "provide the direction" for everything most Americans see and hear. These 6 men may have petty rivalries between them, but they are all in general agreement concerning their elitist "Bilderberg-esque" goals.

There can be no change in "public opinion" when the "public" only hears half the story - or gets just one side of the debate - or is told that only MSM-approved candidates can win a particular election. Apparently, a very large majority of Americans still foolishly trust these media giants, and there is no end in sight to their addiction for TV and radio entertainment.

So, if you want real change, it is necessary to take the battle off the Internet (where we have already won) and on to the airwaves, where the elite currently control virtually all sides of the "national discussion." That is the direction "Break The Matrix" and Basic Media, Inc. seems to be heading. If you agree with that direction, get yourself a free user account there, visit the site regularly, then log on to moderate up the good ideas (and, just as importantly - moderate down the idiots and professional noisemakers). This way, hopefully soon the ideas and information from the Internet site will be ready to take beyond the PC and onto radio & TV... So the drooling masses will at least have the option to hear the truth if they bother to listen and think for a change.

Will it work? God only knows.

Is it worth a try? Sure it is.

Set up your user account today, and why not add me to your friend/contact list while you're at it...

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