18 February 2008

Staying Active

Besides Ron Paul's candidacy, there are many issues that concern Ozarks voters, interested in the preservation of the Constitution and American values.

In our near locality, there are many folks; property owners, farmers, and homeschoolers unaware of the dangers they face, the threats posed to their livelihoods by the Federal and State governments, and the more distant specter of One World Government.

We have no alternative but to be their media, engage in passive activism to awaken thousands of Missourians and Ozarkers to the menace we collectively face.

Passive activism does not mean the expenditure of funds and long hours of campaigning and sign waving.

Every little action counts, locally.

For example, in the past year, I have visited a number of libraries in several states and noticed interesting phenomena.
Regardless of their size or location, these libraries had one thing in common—six to ten copies of Barry Obama’s autobiography, the Audacity of Hope on prominent display.
I visited some of these libraries on a daily basis and noted that none of these books were ever checked out. They never left the shelves.

Of course this was not a phenomena, Senator Obama is running for President. His personality and life are unknown to most Americans, so it is natural that public libraries should stock copies of Senator Obama’s book on their shelves.
However, it seems that many libraries overstocked—and not just on books by Barry Obama.
Go to your local library and chances are that you’ll find at least four copies of Bill Clinton’s “My Life” back to back on the shelf, followed by a number of laudatory biographies of Hillary Clinton, George Bush, and John McCain.

Don’t expect to find any works by or about Dr. Ron Paul like Gold, Peace, and Prosperity, A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship, Freedom Under Siege, or an politically-incorrect biographies, histories or fiction either.

What must be done to rectify this situation?

Many branch libraries, especially small local libraries will accept donated new books. Check with your local librarian, and then consider buying two copies of Dr. Paul’s latest work, The Revolution: A Manifesto.

But don’t stop there. Consider purchasing the The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and the The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, the works of Alan Stang and Thomas Fleming and donating these as well.

A few random thoughts on activism in our local towns and and villages. I hope to consider more methods, on this blog, in the future.

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