12 February 2008

Ron Paul calls for a "Grand March" on D.C.

Ron Paul calls for a "Grand March" on D.C.


If you were discouraged by the letter from Ron Paul last week, this video will brighten your spirits!

One web site http://www.ronpaulmarch.com has "taken the initiative" and declared June 7th as the date. Another site http://www.revolutionmarch.com is promoting Memorial Day weekend. Others are proposing http://taxday08.com - Much discussion is going on right now about when the date should be... I know of one poll that has been set up about this, you can vote for your favorite choice.

I'm sure that some sort of march will be planned, only the date is in question. As I'm sure you know, there is no one date that will please everyone - but when the date is set, please plan to attend and help spread the news.

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Bruce Arnold said...

UPDATE: The Ron Paul 2008 campaign is trying to help figure out the best date for the march...