28 December 2007

Missouri State Convention Process

FYI: From the RonPaul2008.com campaign site's new "Missouri HQ" page:

Missouri State Convention Process

  1. State voting strength? 58 total delegates
    1. 10 base at-large
    2. 27 re: 9 congressional districts
    3. 3 party
    4. 18 bonus
  2. What are all the relevant dates?
    1. State convention/caucus: May 31st
    2. Cong. Dist. Conventions: April 19th
    3. Local conventions: March 15th Republican Caucuses meet.
    4. Primary Election Day: February 5th
  3. Delegates to the national convention are bound for 1st ballot.
    1. All 58 of Missouri's delegates to the Republican National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders in the Missouri Presidential Primary.
  4. What is the process for someone to become a delegate to the national conventions?
    1. Republican Party Congressional District Conventions elect the 27 district delegates. Missouri State Republican Convention elects 10 at-large and 18 bonus delegates. All national delegates will be bound by the winner of the presidential primary.
    2. Each local committee will hold a republican caucus to elect delegates to the CD and State conventions. Nominations for delegate to the CD & State conventions may be made from the floor, but you should check with the county party before hand to verify local rules.
    3. Each Congressional District Convention will elect delegates to the national convention. You will need to verify with the CD party if there is an advance filing to be a delegate to the national convention.
    4. At the State Convention, the nominating committee will present a slate of candidates to be delegates to the national convention. Any delegate to the state convention may present to the nominating committee a slate to be considered. Deadline for submitting a slate is 10:00 am May 31st. All slates must be complete or will be ruled out of order and not voted on. On the floor of the state convention all complete slates will be presented. The slate which wins the most votes will be elected. (plurality)
  5. 2000 Republican Primary total vote cast 475,363
  6. Copy of state leadership roster and State Party HQ Phone
    1. http://www.mogop.org/committees/wpcommitteefinder.php?qt=state

    National Committeeman Lance Beshore
    1340 Northridge Terrace
    Joplin, MO 64801
    (417) 782-3853

    National Committeewoman Ann Dickinson
    P.O. Box 26158
    Kansas City, MO 64196
    (816) 472-5244

    Chair Doug Russell
    1616 Arbour Drive
    Lebanon, MO 65536-3837
    (417) 588-1046

    Vice-Chair Susan Eckelkamp
    PO Box 330, 225 Saint Andrews Dr.
    St. Albans, MO 63073
    (636) 458-2814

    Missouri Republican State Committee
    204 East Dunklin
    Jefferson City, Missouri, 65101
    (573) 636-3146

    Missouri Republican Party
    PO Box 73
    Jefferson City, Missouri, 65102

    Note: the entire list is available at the above link

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