07 November 2007

Parades, Parades, Parades

Everyone loves a parade...

And we've reached thousands of people who hadn't heard much (if anything) about Ron Paul yet by participating in numerous parades, handing out flyers to the potential voters, and stickers for their kiddies!

Thanks to the research of Virginia Waggoner, we have this upcoming schedule of parades in the SW Missouri area... (There are several overlapping parades on the same day.)

Please Note: Parades listed in GREEN WILL have a Ron Paul float organized by the Rocky Comfort Meetup group. All Ron Paul supporters from all Meetup groups are encouraged to come out for any or all of these parades and join us in the fun!
OR: Your Meetup group might consider participating in one of the other parades going on at the same time, that would otherwise be missed!
(If your group does this, please let us know so we can post it here.)

11-24 @ 2:00 pm in ANDERSON

11-24 @ 6:00 pm in Granby
@ 9:30 am in Diamond
@ 10:30 am in South West City
@ 1:00 pm in Washburn
@ 2:00 pm in Noel
@ 5:00 pm in NEOSHO
@ 6:00 pm in Wheaton
@ 10:00 am in MONETT
@ 1:30 pm in Exeter
@ 5:30 pm in Pierce City
@ 6:00 pm in Grove, Oklahoma
@ 6:30 pm in CASSVILLE

Remember, if you are coming to participate in the parade (and we hope that you will) please plan to arrive early! The times listed above are when the parades are scheduled to START... It helps to join the line up at least 30 minutes early.

ALSO... NEW Carthage Maple Leaf Parade Photos:
Thanks to Angela Covington and Richard & Christie Graves, we now have

New photos of that parade... Click here to view!

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