26 October 2007

Presidential candidate gains support in the Ozarks

by David Catanese, KY3 News

SPRINGFIELD -- You may have seen his signs, or even heard his name, but don't know who Ron Paul is. He's a Republican candidate for president who's shaking up the race by attracting support from disaffected Republicans and Democrats.

Ron Paul is a 10-term Congressman from Texas who ran for president in 1988 as a Libertarian. This time he's running as a Republican. He's used grassroots and net roots to build surprising support in Springfield.


Bruce Arnold said...

Springfield is doing a great job of getting Ron Paul some positive press!

Here's a story about the Springfield Ron Paul Meetup group that made Friday's Springfield News-Leader front page!


Way to go Springfield!!!

Bruce Arnold said...

Sorry, I forgot to link that story properly the first time...

Here's the Springfield news article.