21 October 2007

Huge turnout for Maple Leaf Parade

What a parade!

Our Ron Paul floats, van and walkers were quite a sight to behold, and our huge number of dedicated workers positively swarmed the crowds watching the parade, handing out flyers, slim-jims, buttons, stickers, candy for the kiddies, and all sorts of great stuff to educate the voters about Ron Paul - the champion of the constitution!

It was a very, very long parade - several miles long - and also fast-moving. Those of us working the crowds had to really run at times to catch up to our floats. (I'm a little sore all over this morning, but it was worth it!) We had over 40 participants in all.

It sure made an impact on the crowds... All these volunteers supporting a politician? Hard to believe! What must that Ron Paul be like?

One of the most encouraging things for myself, was seeing how very interested most of the crowd was in Ron Paul. When I was working behind the float, I could see how people were actually reading the Ron Paul slim-jims and flyers they had just been given to them by people working further forward of the float. I actually saw two different people grab a slim-jim from their friend's hand, saying: "Let ME see that!"

I guess Ron Paul is right... FREEDOM IS POPULAR!

Once people learn what Ron Paul is really about, most will support him. We just have to keep doing all we can to introduce people to Ron Paul, and the rest will follow. We're getting people interested in voting again who gave up on the political process years ago.

We've only got about a dozen weeks before the voter registration deadlines - which are only a month before the election. Time is of the essence!

Some photos are available on the Joplin Meetup site:

I'm still hoping that someone will please submit photos that show our floats and walkers as we were actually going through the streets and crowds. (It seems like just about everyone with a camera was too busy passing out flyers and getting the word out about Ron Paul, to stop and take photos as they were going. Oh well... Spreading the word is what we were there for, after all!)

UPDATE: 11-07-07 New photos of the parade are available here!

Huge thanks to everyone involved. Our large and well-organized floats certainly made a big impression on the thousands and thousands in the audience.