09 October 2007

Bikes, Blues and Barbecue

How simple is this?

Take a few pieces of white and colored chalk--you know, chalk, as in Chalkboard chalk--go somewhere that you know a lot of other people are likely to be, and write "Ron Paul 2008" or any of a thousand other simple ideas onto sidewalk places. Wow! Simple, powerful, effective. Do it!

Now, add thousands of bikers, babes, bikes, biker booths, food, tourists, gawkers, hawkers, music, hot sunny weather, a college town (city) and a ZZ Top concert and your simple little piece of chalk becomes heavy artillery in the infowar.

Add to the simplicity of chalked messages, a dozen activists wearing Ron Paul Tee-shirts and buttons, placing hundreds of "Slim Jims," "Liberty Cards," and "GOA Ron Paul Report Cards" directly into the hands of these people, mano a mano, face to face!

Who wouldn't notice Roman's enclosed trailer with Ron Paul for President painted all over it in huge lettering being towed up and down and all around the event for hours?

Finally, deploy a wide variety of Ron Paul Revolution and other handmade and store bought Ron Paul signage all around the entrance to a ZZ Top concert, directly in the line of sight for the Channel 5 TV news crew and near the KIGL 99.3 FM mobile sound van, and along the main motor routes and parking areas for the concert and you have, in the space of four hours, reached many thousands of potential supporters with the Ron Paul name and message: Hope for America.

Is there any visual image of freedom, and individual liberty more strong and direct than blowin' down a blue route astride a Harley under a warm, sunny, early fall, Arkansas afternoon? Only one presidential candidate was
represented during the Bikes, Blues and Bar-B-Que event--Ron Paul--and he, the only candidate whose platform guarantees the constitutional freedoms and liberty the event esteemed.

October 5, 2007, Bikes, Blues and Barbecue Ron Paul Canvass and Sign Rally--a success. The Rocky Comfort, Benton County and Fayetteville Meetup Groups teamed up to make this one day activity a priority.

Thanks to Bud & Carol Scott for bringing this event to our attention! And, THANK YOU! to all who contributed their time, resources and energy.

William Roberts

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