14 October 2007

Apple Butter Makin Days Parade Report

Will Roberts reports on the parade:

We had a fantastic turnout at the Apple Butter Makin Days Parade this morning. Though I was unable to get a head-count myself, I heard that there were a total of 40 people, both as walkers and drivers/riders, from Meetups in Joplin, Springfield, Benton County and Rocky Comfort.

The line up began with our new Ron Paul "Hope for America" (4ft x 8ft corrugated plastic) sign - provided thanks to Roman - supported by a ten foot long 1" dia. pole held by two nice teens from the Springfield group. Then came Mike's white "Ron Paul Revolution Van" towing the "Liberty" trailer, then came Arthur's Rocky Comfort/Ozarks Voter Pickup float, next was Mel and Jeanette in their classic suicide door MOPAR car, another pickup float from Springfield followed Mel, and lastly, a couple carried a pair of our "Ron Paul Revolution" signs as a double sided sign.

The walkers literally swarmed alongside this entourage handing out slim jims, liberty cards and 2.25" Ron Paul 2008 stickers. It took one hour to complete the parade route! The sidewalks were packed.

The Maple Leaf Parade is supposed to be the grand-daddy of parades in Southwest Missouri. This Saturday in Carthage will be important.

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