25 September 2007

Ron Paul Leads Rivals in Military Donations

"Among GOP candidates, Ron Paul, the only Republican who opposes the war, has brought in the biggest haul from the military since the start of the 2008 election cycle in January—at least $19,250. Republican John McCain, a Vietnam War prisoner who backs the administration's policy in Iraq, has raised $18,600. Paul, who was a flight surgeon in the Air Force, got nearly twice as much from servicemen and women in the campaign's first six months as GOP fundraising front-runner Mitt Romney and four times more than better-known candidate Rudy Giuliani.

"If you're a Republican partisan, but opposed to the war, it is not surprising that you'd find Paul somewhat attractive," said Ronald Krebs, a political scientist at the University of Minnesota who studies the sociology of war and military service."

Link thanks to the Area417 blog.
Take a moment of your time to visit this local, pro-Ron Paul website.

Also, take a look at Military 4 Ron Paul a great site, started by American servicemen and women.

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