19 September 2007

Celebrating Constitution Day

We took to the streets on Monday, Sept. 17th to celebrate our Constitutional freedoms with Ron Paul!

Several THOUSAND motorists saw Ron Paul's name during that evening rush 2-hour "Roadside Rally" - it was a HUGE success!

Take a look at the short "music video" we made of the Roadside Rally.

As usual, the overwhelming majority of responses were positive... A lot of people honked their horns and waved or gave a big "thumbs-up" to show their support.

There were only 4 negative responses from passers-by, mostly just frowning and shaking their heads "no" for whatever reason... But one of the really good and interesting things that happened was the HUGE percentage of big-rig truckers that waved and honked their support. (Over 50% of the trucks, at least.) Apparently, more of our American citizen-truckers are realizing that only Ron Paul will protect their jobs and our roads from the cheap and dangerous foreign semi-trucks and drivers that practically all the other candidates are unwilling to put a stop to!

The video is already getting a lot of views and very positive comments on YouTube. Even though this was very roughly shot (no tripods) and a hastily edited video - people seem to appreciate the message and are taking the idea to heart, planning their own local Roadside Rallies for Ron Paul. That's what we're here for... Getting the word out about Ron Paul and getting this good man elected President!

The Ron Paul support song: "Choose Liberty" was provided courtesy of Steve Dore.
You can hear more of his great Ron Paul campaign songs at:
(Thanks for all you do, Steve!)

And many thanks to all those that participated in this event. From the sign-making session on Sunday afternoon at Rocky Comfort, Missouri - to the actual sign-waving at the "Roadside Rally" - we're thankful you all took part in this event, and look forward to doing more just like it!

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