19 June 2007

Welcome to our new community forum!

Here is a place where we can all share news, ideas, questions, support, and everything else that will help Ron Paul and his 2008 presidential campaign.

Everyone with something positive to contribute is strongly encouraged to participate! In particular, we want all Ron Paul supporters in the Ozarks region to participate.

Any and all Ron Paul Meetup groups, "rallies" or related events happening in the Ozarks you know about needs to be posted here!

Now we can all help spread the word, and circumvent the elitist MSM ("Mainstream Media") that is trying to subdue Ron Paul's message for their own deceitful reasons. This is part of the great power of the Internet, as it gives a voice to the people in a way that we've never enjoyed before!

Help us help Ron Paul save America! As well as keeping a sharp eye out for Internet news about Ron Paul to share, please also share your best ideas for ways we can reach out to the very large majority of the Ozark population that doesn't regularly go online... These are the masses of people that are most susceptible to being manipulated by the MSM, and don't yet know or understand why electing Ron Paul of president is so very important for the survival of what America really is...

A land of freedom, liberty,
and opportunity!

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